Bodegas del saz


Moving forward together

At Bodegas Vidal del Saz we prioritize human and team work. A team made up of qualified professionals who work together to create products of the highest possible quality. Company success lies in all of its members. From the manager to the oenologist, taking in the production, analysis, administration and sales departments en route.


Following the Path of History

The history of Bodegas Del Saz was born and written in the vineyard. The roots of Bodegas del Saz are based on values as essential as origin, passion and perseverance, fundamental pillars of a winery of great tradition and wide recognition. With more than 80 years of history , the different generations that have given continuity to the work of the founder Álvaro del Saz have known how to adapt the family legacy to the new times by creating unique wines. A path of almost a century where the family passion that gave rise to the Winery is never left behind, a passion that dates back to 1930 . The experience accumulated over decades to produce unique wines, combining our tradition with the most modern oenology. A family winery with a single objective: to create resounding wines with intense fruit aromas, wines with their own personality, which convey the character of our land. A unique origin backed by respect for nature, the result of the work of our winegrowers, to offer new generation wines with style and signature stamp: HIGH EXPRESSION WINES.

An unknown quality

Awards are never an end in themselves. The daily work and the constant desire to improve is what sometimes leads to prestigious awards for our wines. Praises that although never persecuted, in BODEGAS DEL SAZ are received with the greatest of pleasures.


International Prestige

Bodegas del Saz dedicates a large part of its efforts and a growing volume of production to satisfy the demand of foreign markets looking for quality wines. With a main presence in Europe , in recent years has been expanding its sales network to countries as demanding and competitive as China, Russia or the United States, . Today is a pride be present all over the world and make our wines known, because centuries of winemaking tradition that open up to the world are contained in each bottle.