Pack de 6 botellas de vino de Aquarella: Sauvignon Blanc


Box of 6 units, € 2.95 / u.

Aquarella: Souvignon blanc es un vino potente, fresco, con marcada personalidad y buena estructura. Posee aromas de frutas blancas y melocotón contrastados con ligeras notas de pomelo y lima. Un vino fino y alegre con gran sensación de longitud.

Product: Dry white. Grape: Sauvignon blanc. Alcohol volume: 13.00%. Capacity: 75 cl.

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Strokes of Freshness

A surprising touch of color

A fine, understated brush stroke may be enough to suggest a smile.

This is what Bodegas Del Saz AQUARELLA is like, a refreshing breeze with smooth, delicate aromas and a surprisingly natural overlay.

Varieties as well-known and valued as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Sauvignon Blanc bring forth wines sufficiently unique to captivate the senses.

AQUARELLA Red, Rosé and White make up a colour palette that fills your moments with originality and transports you to the fresh warmth of the Mediterranean.

Silky, undemanding and fun.
Wines without complications or unnecessary show. Perfect companions for livening up your most special occasionss.

The naturalness that emerges in each sip will flood your senses.

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