Box of 6 bottles of Aquarella wine: Sauvignon Blanc


Box of 6 bottles of wine, €4.35/u.

Aquarella: Souvignon blanc It is a powerful, fresh wine, with a marked personality and good structure. A wine that has aromas of white fruit and peach contrasted with light notes of grapefruit and lime. A fine and lively wine with a great sensation of length.

Producto: Vino blanco seco. Varietal: Sauvignon blanc. Volumen alcohol: 13,00%. Capacidad: 75 cl. Añada: 2020

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Strokes of Freshness

A surprising touch of color

A fine, understated brush stroke may be enough to suggest a smile.

This is AQUARELLA wine from Bodegas del Saz, a refreshing breeze with soft and delicate aromas and a point of surprising naturalness.

Varieties as well-known and valued as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Sauvignon Blanc bring forth wines sufficiently unique to captivate the senses.

AQUARELLA red wine, rosé wine and white wine make up a color palette that fills your moments with originality and transports you to the fresh warmth of the Mediterranean.

Silky, undemanding and fun.
Wines without complications or unnecessary show. Perfect wines to liven up your most special moments.

The naturalness that emerges in each sip will flood your senses.

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