Wine Taso Real Rosé Tempranillo Semisweet

Box of 6 bottles of wine, €3.75/u.

Taso Real Rosado Tempranillo Semisweet It is a classic wine, honest, with a fruity character with aromas reminiscent of red fruits with notes of pastry. Fresh and light but with volume. A perfect wine to pair with white fish, shellfish, oily fish, caviar, poultry and vegetables.

Producto: Vino rosado semidulce. Varietal: Tempranillo. Volumen alcohol: 12,50%. Capacidad: 75 cl. Denominación de origen: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla

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Simply Authentic

Conquering palates

Our best ambassador at tables, in restaurants and wine glasses the world over.

TASO REAL is a wine capable of conquering from the most demanding palates, to those just initiated in the pleasure of wine.

A gift that at Bodegas del Saz we know how to take advantage of by presenting a wide range of varietals with high quality standards: red wines of the Tempranillo variety, Blancos de Airén and Rosados, fresh, light and very elegant.

Made from grapes from our Los Tardíos estate, TASO REAL is a wine that stands out for its aromatic body despite its young nature. In tasting, it offers predominantly fruity notes with careful freshness and smoothness.

It is a novel departure in wine-making which wins you over from the first sip. Wines designed to express a wide range of emotions with the greatest simplicity.

Wide variety and confirmed quality in a range of young wines produced with enjoying the moment in mind.

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