Vidal del Saz Tempranillo Crianza Red Wine 2017 – 6 units


Box of 6 bottles of wine, 6,90 €/u.

Vidal del Saz: Tempranillo Crianza It is a wine that reflects the classic style of the winery and highlights the avant-garde oenology that characterizes the signature wines of the Vidal del Saz line. A complex wine with marked aromas typical of its aging for 12 months in oak barrels and at least 6 months in the bottle, among which black fruits, liquorice, cocoa, leather and scrub stand out. It likes to be velvety, balanced and with good structure. A perfect wine to pair with red meat and semi-cured cheese.

Producto: Vino tinto crianza. Varietal: Tempranillo. Volumen alcohol: 13,50%. Capacidad: 75 cl. Añada: 2017. Denominación de origen: La Mancha

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The Name of the Wine

Vanguard Family Imprint

Proud standard bearer of our name, VIDAL DEL SAZ is a wine that is the sum of family wisdom and a marked desire to please those who are passionate about wines with personality.

The most classic and recognised varieties in the world are used to produce a wide range of wines which have become true benchmarks: Gran Reserva, Crianza, Oak-Aged, Rosé and the 100% Macabeo White, robust wines with character which convey the uniqueness of our lands.

Wines with sincere aromas, adjusted with respect in their production process, molded under the prism of avant-garde oenology that result in highly expressive wines, unique in their category.

VIDAL DEL SAZ, a name to remember, a wine to savour.

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