As if it were a star, all the flashes illuminating its natural beauty, the glances drawing its curved silhouette, prying eyes on how it flows, how it reinvents itself.

MAVAM, the new from Bodegas Vidal del Saz is a pleasure in itself. An exotic, luxurious product, without losing the quality with which the Vidal del Saz seal is identified.

Apparently a Low Alcohol sparkling wine in three ranges, Glaciar, Vulcano and Fortune, but oh! once you start spinning the bottle this wine becomes an expression of brilliance in itself.

Many are the definitions that we have heard during his presentation in China, highlighting keywords such as “exotic”, “elegant”, “amazing”. Also reminders like the Vulcano, to the lava of a volcano in full swing; Glacier, those huge icebergs from the north and south poles bathed in the rays of the sun. Or Fortune, a piece of gold and glamor that spills into our glass.

MAVAM is a low alcohol wine cocktail made from the Macabeo variety. Perfect for a good toast, celebrations or to feel more special.

We leave you some of the images during the MAVAM presentation in China.