Immersed in the middle of the harvest campaign, we want to show a small manual of how we work, how we pamper and take care of our vineyards to obtain the best results.

The first goes through an analysis of the grape to check its DEGREE OF MATURATION, this is defined by the amount of sugar and acid in the fruit, and based on these we will collect it and thus obtain the desired wine. It is a very important step in the vintage process that is obvious.

As for the type of harvest, we basically have two: the manual harvest and the mechanical harvest.

We have MANUAL HARVEST for high-quality and sparkling wine productions, we take care of the grape as it is collected in boxes to keep all its skin. This technique raises production costs due to the greater effort required, but a high quality is obtained.

On the other hand, MECHANICAL HARVESTING is a cheaper and faster process, since there is less effort from farmers to select the grapes. This type of harvest is more intended for the most profitable areas.

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