The passion for wine

It was at the beginning of the uncertain 30s when the history and lineage of our wineries was born. With a good eye, we place the first vineyards in an idyllic setting , in the absence of some plots of love and betrayal, we could well have been the protagonists of Falcon Crest. And not because of rivalry games between winemakers, but because a family was raised among the dust of that terroir that would later achieve great designations of origin . The passion that Álvaro (El Abuelo) transmitted to his son and later to his grandson is what makes Bodegas del Saz so great.

Spanish vineyards of Bodegas del Saz. Castilla la Mancha. Campo de Criptana.

The tradition of the vineyard

The great value that we find in any science or art -or both as in the world of wine- is the family tradition . Why? Because there are certain knowledge, certain customs and a curdled wisdom that only decades of work in the vineyards give, which grows generation after generation. And contrary to what it might seem, this is precisely what made Vidal (The Father) able to include all the new tools and technologies of the time in a much more efficient way in the production of wine. So much so that in the happy 70s he founded the great Bodegas del Saz that we know now. New generation wines and signature stamp , this was the purpose with which El Padre took the reins that led him to the creation of new firms under which to market his wines of Castilla La Mancha around the world.

Innovation in the culture of winemaking

Campo de Criptana sees the third generation of the Saz become much more than a wine expert, Vidal Ignacio (El Hijo). As the current director, he sets us on a path towards avant- garde oenology , which seeks sensations beyond the conventional, but does so in a sustainable way, keeping in production and sale the great classic wines of the winery that have always accompanied all our meals so well.

How the character of the land is reflected in the taste of the wine

As a mission, from the winery we have proposed to print the character of our Campo de Criptana with our designations of origin such as DO. La Mancha, in the wines that we sell nationally and internationally. And with our high-end tempranillos taken from a selection of vineyards over 75 years old, we are succeeding. Because victories must also be celebrated! Although the vineyards of more than 180 hectares of our winery are not only made up of tempranillos, the varieties that we use to make what we do best, which is wine are:

  • Airén
  • Macabeo
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Syrah
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chardonnay

A selection of autochthonous varieties and others known for their great excellence mean that, together with the climate and the knowledge of El Hijo, the wines of Bodegas del Saz are resounding, honest and balanced, vintage after vintage.

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Excellence of origin, land, vineyards, family and human team. That is the secret in Bodegas del Saz , there is no other.